Videos & WEBinars

Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) Webinars

Topic 1 : Listening and Spoken Language Past & Present

Participants will learn an overview of our 45 year career in Auditory-Verbal Therapy teaching in various settings: Private Practice, Oral School for the Deaf, Public Mainstream Schools and training therapists all over the world. We present a quick history of Listening and Spoken Language for people who are deaf from Mabel H. Bell and her teacher/husband Alexander Graham Bell starting in the 1860s to the present. Our first lecture is an introduction to the possibilities of Auditory-Verbal Therapy.

Topic 2 : Auditory-Verbal Strategies for the Home and Classroom

This presentation offer participants the opportunity to take a step by step look at what the Ten Principles of Auditory-Verbal Therapy look like in everyday life. Participants will see how to guide families to infuse the AV strategies throughout the day. This lecture focuses on how to include parents in the therapy process.

Topic 3 : Auditory-Verbal Parent Guidance

Participants will learn theories and practices of guiding parents to be the primary teachers for their children who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Presented by James Grosvenor Watson & Lea Donovan Watson

Topic 4 : AVT Teaching Techniques

Participants can learn over 40 A-V Techniques. They can see how to use them in coaching parents in therapy and guiding parents to use the technique at home.

Topic 5 : Experience Books Enhance Auditory-Verbal Living

Participants will learn the value of helping their families in AVT create an Experience Book. They will learn how an AVT uses the Experience Book to develop conversational skills, singing, music, movement, auditory attention, and how to capitalize on what makes each child special.

Presented by Lea Donovan Watson & Clara Fong

Topic 6 : Auditory Support in the Mainstream

Participants will learn that AV children can be independent speaking and contributing members of their school community by making active use of their hearing.

Presented by James Grosvenor Watson & Lea Donovan Watson

Topic 7 : Assessment Methods in Auditory-Verbal Practice

Participants will be introduced to the Auditory Learning Guide, the Simser Ongiong Assessment, Cochlear the Listen, learn, and Talk Checklists and other methods of assessing what stage of listening, speech, spoken language, cognition development the child is at and how to move forward.

Presented by James Grosvenor Watson & Lea Donovan Watson

Topic 8 : Case Studies in Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Participants will hear short stories about 5 different families who worked with the Watsons. From starting AVT, going through the process of therapy, and on out into their lives, different ways of making the Ten Principles of A-V Practice work will be shared.

Presented by James Grosvenor Watson & Lea Donovan Watson