2020 AVT Community education Program

Information :

Program Secretarial Office :

+852 81022389 or Whatspp +852 54442939

About the Program :

The Auditory-Verbal Therapy Volunteer Internship Program 2020 will help the freshman understand that Special Educational Needs (SEN) children have the opportunity to listen and speak. Children with SEN can grow to be equals alongside their peers. By Increasing expectations, implementing evidenced based therapy, and working with parents, outcomes for SEN children can improve. The desired goal is to increase awareness, understanding, and access to Auditory Verbal therapy.

During the internship program , freshmen will practice therapy activities and strategies with families. By promoting this knowledge and expertise, other health and education professions will become aware of the benefits of this Listening and Spoken Language Specialty. More families can learn about Auditory Verbal Therapy. The program will be taught in both English and Cantonese

Learning Objectives :

- To learn different approaches of auditory verbal therapy

- To understand people with hearing and speech impairment

- To broaden the horizons, understand how the industry operates, and receive practicum opportunities

Recruiting :

- People aged between 17-35, college students or working people

- Interested in auditory verbal therapy

- First priority for people with related experience in auditory-verbal therapy, speech therapy, or interacting with children with special needs